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Nurse Call Systems

Advanced Technology Integration leads the charge in patient care by providing quality products, services and our unique ability to integrate various technologies into a total systems solution. Unique solutions are provided by utilizing our specialized training and industry specific experience. Most facilities have many of the building blocks in place to begin the realization of a reliable integrated building. We strive to add reliability, features and functions to the hospital building and communications systems without replacing functioning systems. This process begins with an accurate assessment of a facilities current systems and how they can be enhanced to meet the current and future needs of the users. Our services then extend throughout all phases of a project, from initial concept through installation and training to maintenance practices. We ensure that systems are designed, installed, tested and capable of being maintained in compliance with the facilities needs and within budget.

Our Model Provides:

  • Staff Efficiency, Documentation, Cost Containment, Improved Environment of Care

  • Ability to integrate several different building automation systems from multiple vendors in multiple buildings.

    • These systems need to be able to talk to each other for centralized control and monitoring of the complete facility network.
  • Optimum use of technology to best utilize resource capacity.

  • Growth of the facility without growing staff.

    • Technology should allow for facility growth without additions or stressful overloads on the facility staff.
  • A system that improves JCAHO inspection results.

    • The system must improve the staff’s ability to gather and provide trending information that is presented to inspectors during the audits.
  • Strategic technology positioning plan that locates user-interfaces in the most efficient and accessible places.

  • Reliable notification systems integration to allow staff to prioritize their time and efforts with the confidence that critical information will reach them when they are needed most.

  • Centralized Control and Continuity

  • Extensive training to facilities that would like to perform most of its own equipment installation, retrofitting and maintenance.

To learn more about ATI’s advanced nurse call design and implementation, contact one of our associates today.

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